Effective Construction Cost Management

When Williams Development & Construction, Inc. prepares the project schedule, we are able to identify materials, which have long delivery times. This is important for the architect in his material selection, for the client in determining how long it can expect the project to last, and in planning the construction of the project.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will then develop a plan to identify any materials which have to be pre-purchased to shorten delivery times and to speed project completion. In addition, an accurate schedule can enable Williams Development & Construction, Inc. to speed up the project by beginning construction before actual completion of blueprints.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will work directly with the local building department officials to ensure timely permitting of the project and construction compliance with all local and state building codes. As with all of our projects, we place considerable emphasis on keeping our client/partner apprised of the project status/schedule. Some of the tools we use to help us include:

  • Bar Charts

    On projects without lengthy delivery times for materials and short construction times, schedules are outlined by trade in bar chart systems, identifying the phasing of each trade onto the project, its relation to the over all project, and its scheduled completion date. The charts, like all the more detailed schedules are distributed to all project team members

  • Critical Path Analysis

    Critical Path Analysis is used on projects with long construction cycles, many trades, complex workmanship, and which require extensive material delivery coordination. The purpose of the critical path system is to find the critical sequence of material deliveries, manpower schedules, and equipment utilization which completes the project within the minimum time frame and which maximizes efficient deployment of all components of the project.