Williams Development & Construction, Inc.'s system maintains detailed data on virtually every type of building and building system which is automatically updated into current costs. Through this system, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. provides the client with a major management system advantage in the ability to analyze and manage costs and in performing cost savings studies.

Quantity Surveys

As part of our estimating process, we survey the job for quantities - how many cubic yards? How many lineal feet of materials utilized? Waste, shrinkage, and surplus quantities are studied for the most efficient management of the materials and most expeditious means to negotiate the best purchasing terms.

Unit Cost Estimates

The quantities of material used in each aspect of the project are broken into measurable components and then assigned labor/material/general conditions weighted cost factors. If portions of the project are added or deleted, the scope of cost changes can be identified very quickly using this method.

Man Hour Estimates

Labor costs are identified by how many man hours each task on the project will require. Those man hours are assigned costs appropriate to the wage rate for the appropriate trade, and the workman's compensation, tax, and insurance burdens. The cost for every item related to labor is isolated and analyzed.

Cost Comparison by Types

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. regularly compares the best cost alternative in types of materials for the function. Which is most effective - steel or concrete? What material works better in the soil conditions for this particular project? If the costs are equal, what materials and construction systems will deliver the project to the owner in the shortest time period?

Square Footage

Costs for the entire project and by major trade are broken into a square foot cost factor for the entire project. This enables the owner and design team to readily make order of magnitude decisions as part of the cost savings function.

Subcontract Administration

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will solicit and provide at least three (3) to four (4) bids from qualified subcontractors for each category of construction work. Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will review all the bids with the client, discuss the bids and the contractor's qualifications, and will make contract award recommendations.

Cost Savings

As plans are developed a project can have costs in excess of the owner's budget. If so, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will undertake the necessary cost savings studies of costs and alternative materials and construction methodologies utilizing the tools outlined above to determine how to bring the project back within the scope of the owner's budget.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. excels at cost savings. We can compare your project to other similar projects on an item by item basis and search for items, which vary from each other. If there is any discrepancy, we can zero in on it, justify or isolate it, and develop changes in the scope or nature of the work.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. meets with our subcontractors in workshop sessions, and breaks the project down to its smallest component for review, attaches scope and values to each item, and then presents the new estimate to the project team and to the client for review and discussion. The client and the project team make any decisions regarding changes in design, materials, or project scope.