Williams Development & Construction, Inc. employs extensive computer control systems to track job costs and progress. Several of the monitoring reports and systems which are utilized to ensure constant control of job costs, scheduling and material expedition are addressed in this section.

Materials Expediting

From the outset of your project, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will meet with all of the project material suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors to identify the delivery lead times for all materials. Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will develop a detailed prioritized list needed to expedite deliveries, including dates by which information on materials must be submitted to the architect and engineers for review, and dates by which items must be manufactured, shipped and arrive at the job. This data will be incorporated into a submittal log, which will be distributed each week to the client, the architect, the engineers, and the subcontractors to track all progress and highlight problem areas, bottlenecks, and potential late deliveries.

In-house computer programs track every entry made into the submittal log. If a material supplier or subcontractor is late in making a material or detailing submittal to the project design team, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will flag that specific item and the Williams Development & Construction, Inc. Project Manager will immediately contact the party responsible for the submittal to get the submittal into the system and prevent any delay to the project.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc.'s system also tracks how much time the architect and engineers spend on reviewing submittals. If for any reason a submittal is taking too long for architectural or engineering review based on the time frame required by the project, the Williams Development & Construction, Inc. Project Manager will immediately contact the appropriate design professional to discern if a problem exists and to help expedite the solution.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. formally documents all inquiries for clarification from the design team with a Request for Information form letter. This system prevents confusion and crystallizes any points of ambiguity. The result is an end product built in accordance with the architect's original vision and the engineer's intended exactness.

Schedule Controls

To maintain all costs within the budget, the project must be kept on schedule. In our weekly on-site meetings with each subcontractor, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will review the subcontractors progress on the job that week and to date, the status of all the subcontractor submittals of proposed materials and equipment to the architects and engineers, the delivery schedule of all materials and equipment, and the subcontractors manpower and staffing on the project. This tight span of subcontract control enables Williams Development & Construction, Inc. to make staffing changes and adjustments to keep the project on schedule and maintain quality.

Cost Meetings

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. conducts in-house meetings to review the status of all billings for materials and all subcontractor costs and billings. Costs are compared to budget and are projected to ensure they will remain within budget.

Materials: Subcontractor Reports

This cost analysis is published monthly for review and compared with the budget projections. Since material purchase orders and subcontracts can only be altered through additive change orders, which require the approval of the client, it is essential to constantly monitor all potential areas where unbudgeted work can arise or delays can be encountered.

Weekly Labor Recap

Every week Williams Development & Construction, Inc. prepares a weekly labor cost analysis. This report provides a running update of Williams Development & Construction, Inc.'s labor on the project and outlines the status of the cost of that labor relative to the amount budgeted.