Project Overview: Let WDC Work with You from the Beginning

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. is of most value to an Owner and Architect when it is involved at the earliest possible stage of a project at no cost to the Owner.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. begins pricing materials and estimating costs from the earliest preliminary architectural drawings, no matter how vague the state of the drawings. This allows our staff to become familiar with all aspects of the job and start uncovering potential problems. It also allows every member of the design team and the client to develop a sense for the actual dollar scope of the project, and break down every component price.

As the design progressively develops, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will undertake a full estimate with a complete breakdown of every cost item for review and comment by the client and the design team members. The more pricing and estimating that Williams Development & Construction, Inc. undertakes, the more the team can close in on actual costs and identify potential problem areas. This work can alleviate the need for 'extensive change orders and cost increases once the construction drawings are completed and the actual construction has begun.

When the architectural drawings are 65-75% complete, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will develop a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the client. (Before this point, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will probably have completed 3 or 4 preliminary estimates).

The term Guaranteed Maximum Price means that unless the scope or conditions of the project are altered, Williams Development' & Construction, Inc. will guarantee the client the project construction costs will not exceed this number. If actual costs are less than the Guaranteed Maximum Price, Williams Development & Construction, Inc, will refund the cost savings to the client in accordance with the terms of our contract.

Once a project is underway, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. manages the work of our subcontractors, expedites materials, and insures work is completed in accordance with the plans, and turns the completed project over to the Owner.