Costing Estimates

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will perform up to four (4) pre-construction estimates, depending upon the quality of the drawings, the production schedule of the drawings, and the overall project schedule.

The estimates will begin as conceptual in nature and will evolve into greater detail and precision as the project drawings develop. This will also permit ease in alteration of the scope of the drawings and the project.

Estimates will initially begin at about 20% over actual estimated cost and will narrow that gap as the drawings approach completion. When drawings are about 60 - 70% complete Williams Development & Construction, Inc. can furnish the owner with a guaranteed maximum cost for the project. Detailed descriptions of costing methodology are included in the "Management Services" section.

Cost Savings

At your direction, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. will undertake one of two approaches to cost savings. In the first case, we can undertake options passively at your direction when costs need to be reduced. This allows the architect a full range of design options. In the second case, we can actively and on a continuous basis propose options and alternates. Thus, when we price a particular design, we can also simultaneously price any options to it. This second methodology requires the owner advise us precisely of their budget, and it also requires that the architect be an active, and accepting, participant in this process.

A number of different techniques such as life cycle costing - determining the actual cost of particular features or a piece of equipment over the life of the project - can be employed during the cost savings process to provide the owner with an accurate picture of the available options and their consequences as opposed to pure construction cost choices.

Development Management Costs

Typically, construction costs compose only 55% of actual project costs. A major oversight in the project development process is for a private or institutional owner to overlook the development of a comprehensive budget which is created specifically to cover all project hard (i.e., pure construction) and soft (i.e., not part of physical construction) costs.

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. has on staff the capability and expertise to provide you with the necessary comprehensive budgets or to advise you of the components which you should include in your entire project budget process.

Cash Planning

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. has the capability to provide you with detailed construction and comprehensive project cash requirements schedules so that you can adequately plan the funding of your project and the rapidity and sequencing in which costs will require funding by the owner.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) Review

In addition to the construction costs, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. can review, provide input on, and buy out contracts for all furniture, fixtures and related equipment for your facility. We can review your vendors buying process, or actively undertake this process on your behalf.

Program Management

Williams Development & Construction, Inc. has in-house capability to manage all aspects of your project. We can hire and manage design teams, negotiate financing, secure all legal and governmental approvals, negotiate specialized contracts from food service to security, and even coordinate legal documentation. The range of services available from Williams Development & Construction, Inc. is limited only by your requirements.