Williams Development & Construction, Inc. provides the following construction services:

General Contracting

General Contracting is the traditional format for construction services. WDC can either hard bid or negotiate these services.

Hard Bid

Generally competitive bidding is most effective when complete construction plans and specifications are provided by the owner. A list of competent contractors is invited to submit proposals on a carefully defined scope of work.

Negotiated Contracts

One of the most favored methods of negotiation tends to be the establishment of a Guaranteed Maximum Price with a fixed fee. This contract arrangement provides the benefit of guaranteeing the owner a maximum project cost while establishing a fixed fee for services on the project. The owner's project can be priced for construction started prior to the completion of all plans. Under the GMP contract, the owner receives the benefit of all cost savings and discounts accrued during construction

Construction Management At-Risk (CM At-Risk)

CM At-Risk is a relatively new selection process being used by school districts and many other governmental and private owners. The process allows for a more qualifications based selection using a weighted grading system rating firms by their experience levels, engineering skills and past project performance. This brings to the client a project team that is able to successfully manage the project and thereby reduce the risks for all parties. Using the At-Risk methodology, the CM is allowed to take bids or proposals from subcontractors prior to the completion of the contract documents thereby providing input to the design process and reducing the risk to both the owner and the CM.

Construction Management

Similar to the GMP negotiated format, this format brings the owner into the system by paying major subcontractors and suppliers directly. Under this format, the construction manager provides management services with no risk or a guaranteed maximum price. This format offers many different scenarios and can be discussed further depending on the needs of the client.

Project Management

Under this format, WDC would handle the whole development process but would not act as general contractor. We would be involved in the program development, interview and award of design professionals, monitor and control the schedule of the total project, monitor and maintain the project budget, interview and pre-approve general contractors, manage bidding and contract award, and manage the construction process and close out.

Estimating Services

Having a fully-staffed Estimating Division, Williams Development & Construction, Inc. provides the client with a major management system advantage in the ability to analyze and manage costs and in performing cost savings studies. This enables the owner to work with a single entity for total cost estimates, providing the most value and service to the project.

Fee Consulting

WDC can provide any of the above management services for a fee. This enables the owner to select the degree of service necessary for any given project. Generally fee consulting is related to providing estimates, value engineering, scheduling or contract administration monitoring.